The eco-friendly choice of your sunny moments !

From recycled plastic bottles to designer beach umbrellas

Fashion on the beach?
Yes, finally!

The original idea of klaoos was redesigning a popular product with our values in mind: reducing our impact on the planet while doing something beautiful.

High quality and stylish designs meet the ancient accessory which is no longer forgotten!

I get my everyday inspiration from the fashion and art worlds, sourcing the most beautiful styles of pattern and trending colors.
It’s the only way to propose each year a different collection that fits our time and refresh the image of beach umbrellas,
that definitely needs it.

— Claudia, klaoos founder


We believe it’s now irresponsible to make a product totally disconnected from our planet challenges. klaoos couldn’t be made in another way.

Carbon emissions at its minimum

Upcycling is the future, our beach umbrella fabrics are made of polyester issued of recycled plastic bottles. As our shores and oceans are full of plastic, that makes sense to use recycled plastic to make beach umbrellas ! This single choice allows to reduce 2/3 of the carbon emissions compared to conventional polyester.

In the same way, European production matters, beacause that means shorter routes and again reduced carbon emissions.


Eco-labels make the difference

We made the choice of an eco-design by entrusting the canopy printing to an Imprim’vert labeled supplier. It uses water-based inks and technics that doesn’t implicate wastewater pollutions.

The innovative way to combine design and eco-responsibility to produce a stylish and high-quality product.

The founder

Claudia Calcina,  Italian born entrepreneurship mind, launched in 2017 the brand klaoos in the french city of Bordeaux, through a successful funding campaign on Kickstarter.

Balancing life principles and entrepreneurship
Digital mom of two, she challenged herself with the mission to revisit the beach umbrellas style by creating a contemporary and stronger product. She combined her willing of a more sustainable world while protecting her family from the hot sun of south west France, with the ambition of creating something new and stylish.

The brand is now is hosted in the dynamic incubator of Le Campement Darwin.</font color=”black”>

A successful campaign on Kickstarter

A flash 18 days crowdfunding was created in June 2017, completed in just 8 days, marking the very beginning of the eco-friendly adventure and the first out of stock situation of klaoos, no complaint here!

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